Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg

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Product                     Iboga Capsules

Physical form            Capsules



Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg

Product                     Iboga Capsules

Physical form            Capsules


What is Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg :

Iboga is a plant and used for several pious purposes in Africa. It’s roots are used for medicinal purposes. It has a chemical called Ibogaine that has hallucinating properties, it’s a psychoactive alkaloid.

Iboga is used as a natural healer in several parts of Africa and people use it in their normal lives that’s how they prevent themselves from getting addicted to any kind of drug.

Ibogaine is a  chemical that has anti addictive properties which were discovered after several tests.

Ibogaine has proven to be one of the best drug relief medicines. It reduces the urge of intake of drugs and makes a person more stable and allows him avoid drugs.

People take Iboga to reduce stress, fatigue and drowsiness. This is taken as general medicine.

Iboga is used to treat minor diseases like influenza, swine flu,fever, high blood pressure and serious issues such as drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and nerve disorders. Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg

 Description of Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg: 

 Iboga powder contains chemicals that stimulate brain function.

The  treatment of many diseases by using Ibogaine is very reliable. It is taken in the form of powder or capsules physically. They may or may not be beneficial for everyone as the effects of the medicine vary from human to human.

The legality of the product also varies from country to country as it’s legal in some parts of the world but illegal in others.


  • Iboga capsules are made up of detoxifying drugs with herbal extracts and taken as a capsule in physical form.
  • Ingredients are crushed iboga roots and iboga bark
  • The dosage of iboga powder or capsules should be 3 milligram per day.
  • The medicine should be kept in clean and dry place
  • There are several samples available in different quantities for the customers to check out.
  • The prices of iboga capsules are different in different parts of the world.
  • The availability of the product depends upon the purchase. Usually Iboga capsules are available on different online platforms as well as they can be purchased from stores.


Working and effectiveness of Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg:

Research and experimentation tells that iboga capsules have shown positive results on people who have different addictions. Before introducing the capsules in the market they were tested several times. Patients suffering from different drug addictions were treated by using iboga.

The effectiveness of any medicine depends upon how it works on people. It can treat a person really well but it could have harmful effects on another patient.

Advantages of Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg:

Iboga capsules are available in Australia and people buy them because of several advantages. The main ingredient in iboga capsules is Ibogaine which is beneficial in many ways. Ibogaine or iboga capsules have been benefiting people to cure several addictions since decades.

The advantages of iboga capsules are:

  • Withdrawal from heroin, morphine, and other drugs.
  • Iboga capsules containing Ibogaine can help relieve symptoms in people abusing drugs such as heroin, codeine, cocaine, and other substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.
  • These capsules help in personal growth and improve mental health.


Side effects of Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg:

 Iboga powder has a chemical ibogaine in it which can be harmful for human beings if taken from the mouth. Iboga capsules 500mg are available in Australia.

The side effects of any medicine vary from person to person. One can’t decide if the medicine working perfectly fine for him should benefit another person.


The side effects of iboga capsules are:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Seizure
  • Paralysis
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Heart attack
  • Hallucinations
  • Low blood pressure


In some cases the patient can die due to reactions inside the body. Sometimes the medicines can cause fatal effects on the human body due to chemical changes. Sudden changes can cause death in some cases. It is always advised to seek constant supervision of the doctors while the treatment of any drug addiction.


Precautions of Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg:

Iboga capsules may or may not be beneficial for all the people in Australia.  Taking precautionary measures always helps. Women who are pregnant or breastfeed should avoid the intake of iboga capsules.

These capsules are available in different potencies all across the country and people should always seek medical help before intake of any kind of medicine related to Ibogaine. Ibogaine is present in iboga capsules which can be harmful when taken in larger amounts. Lesser the intake of this medicine lesser the harmful effects it has on the human body.

Buy Iboga capsules online in Australia: Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg

Iboga capsules are easily available online in Australia. Australian buyers can easily order and get it delivered at door steps.

The supply of Iboga capsules in Australia is 50000 per month.

People can buy iboga capsules online as well as these are available in medical stores throughout the country.

Several online platforms are selling iboga capsules in different quantities and price ranges.

Prices of Iboga capsules depend upon the weightage of each capsule.


Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg controversy:

Iboga capsules are made up of different ingredients but the main ingredient is Ibogaine, Ibogaine is a chemical which has disadvantages of its own when it comes to the quantity of intake.

These capsules are banned from use for people belonging to all communities over the world. Usage of iboga is illegal in the United States and Australia but it is legal in the Mexican gulf. It is legal grey in Canada.

Iboga capsules are legally available almost all over the world because of their benefits. The quantity of the product inside the capsules is kept less and effective.


Note to be considered with Iboga Capsule / Iboga Capsules 500mg:

Medicines like iboga capsules can help people prevent themselves from taking drugs on a regular basis. It is a natural medicine and natural medicine takes more time to react but the results are long lasting and satisfactory.

Patients who want to quit any drug intake should seek the help of physicians and then start buying iboga capsules in Australia.

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