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Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

349.5 g/mol




AB001/Buy AB001 powder



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

349.5 g/mol


AB001/Buy AB001 powder:

buy ab001 powder / AB-001 for your research, USP grade. AB001 1-pentyl-3-(1-adamantoyl)indole is a synthetic drug or cannibinoid which was discovered in research on synthetic cannabis smoking blends. It is unclear who AB001 was originally developed by, but it has been determined that the products made from the chemical are potent cannabinoid agonists with moderate selectivity for CB2 over CB1.

Buy AB-001 This is a synthetic cannabinoid originally developed in Asia to research the use of cannabinoids in medicine. It has similar effects to cannabis but is more potent and highly selective to CB2 receptors with little affinity for CB1. buy ab001 powder / AB-001

AB-001 was the first published full cannabinoid agonist found to act at both CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptor subtypes. It was identified as comprising a bicyclic structure but attempts to create analogues with an expanded ring system, ultimately discovering the indazole analogue APICA, which possessed more potent cannabimimetic activity.

Little about the Designer drug buy ab001 powder / AB-001 :

designer drugs have been a major topic in The United States in recent years. Authorities have to deal with a growing number of cases where people are forced to go to hospital emergency rooms for treatment after having ingested some form of these substances, which are bought over the internet from countries such as China. In most cases, teenagers and young adults buy these drugs online, mostly from websites that make it look like they sell candy or sports supplements. Interestingly, many of them don’t know what exactly is in these drugs until it’s too late, which means that even though the substances may carry chemical names – not everyone knows what they actually do or anything about their effects on people or their health! This problem that needs to be addressed, especially considering the abundance of dangerous side effects that can stem from using these drugs just once or twice.

Formation of Designer drugs buy ab001 powder / AB-001:

Designer drugs are close chemical relatives of other illegal drugs like cocaine, Ecstasy, and methamphetamines. Designer drugs are manufactured by slightly altering the molecular structure of similar illegal substances. Since wholesalers use whatever comes their way, they can’t rely on these substances to always be 100 per cent pure. Even if the manufacturer pledges that the drug is completely safe to use, there’s neither quality control standards nor any government oversight, which means these concoctions can damage your brain just as much as other illegal stimulants might.

Effects of Designer Drug buy ab001 powder / AB-001 :

Designer drugs, either in the form of powders or tablets or capsules and sometimes all three, can contain trace amounts of substances and contaminants that do not give users a clear understanding of whether or not they should use the substance. Additionally, designer drugs tend to interact badly with other drugs, especially alcohol. Those who combine designer drugs with alcohol put themselves in an extremely dangerous situation where one is at a much greater risk for dying than when consuming either substance on its own. Users taking designer drugs can lose important brain functions like the ability to make sound decisions and logical thinking, which ultimately makes the user unable to function in normal society anymore. Those who end up using designers will usually become paranoid and even delusional because of this, and this could cause them to jump off a building or stretch their limits in life in hazardous ways that can end in death. buy ab001 powder / AB-001

Designer Drug addiction buy ab001 powder / AB-001 :

When individuals using illicit drugs try to stop using them, withdrawal symptoms often ensue. These symptoms include sweating, tremors and jitters, and insomnia and palpitations due to the increase in heart rate. The individual may experience anxiety that could cause nausea and vomiting and might even feel agitated and depressed. This withdrawal syndrome usually manifests within a day after the last time the drug was taken, and the symptoms usually subside after two weeks.

Side effects of buy ab001 powder / AB-001 :

Buy ab001 powder / AB-001 (1-pentyl-3-(1-adamantoyl)indole) is an indole based synthetic cannabinoid similar in structure to AM-1248 and the corresponding tetrahydropyran 4(THP4) methyl analogue, both of which are potent cannabinoid agonists with moderate to high cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) affinity or selectivity. It is unclear who originally developed AB-001, but it was first identified by forensic scientists in Ireland, Hungary, and Germany in 2010, 2011, and 2012 respectively. buy ab001 powder / AB-001

Side effects buy ab001 powder / AB-001 : Consult your physician before taking this drug if you are sensitive to the following additional ingredients: fatigue, dry mouth, itchy skin, trouble sleeping.

If someone has overdosed and has serious symptoms such as breathing problems or a loss of consciousness, you must call your physician. buy ab001 powder / AB-001

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